Peroxide For BV

I don’t know about you but we always keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in the medicine cabinet. Peroxide is one of those old standby home remedies in our family. We use it any time we want to prevent an infection or cure an infection. This includes peroxide for BV (bacterial vaginosis).

Recurring BV infections run in my family. We have learned that at the very first sign of a BV infection to get the peroxide out and prepare a hydrogen peroxide douche for BV. Here’s what we do. We buy the dirt cheap hydrogen peroxide at the dollar store where the price of every item is just a dollar. This peroxide is a three percent solution. We use peroxide straight from the bottle to clean the douche. We then mix half a cup of distilled water and half a cup of hydrogen peroxide directly in the douche bag.

To apply the peroxide solution, we always get in the shower. When douching, it’s a little bubbly but it never burns. The bubbles, in fact, are the way it kills the BV bacteria because the bacteria are anaerobic (like to live in areas where there is no oxygen) and the bubbles are oxygen molecules being released from the peroxide which kill anaerobic bacteria.

If you are experiencing one of those foul smells along with your BV infection, the hydrogen peroxide douche for BV will cure that almost immediately. This is because it wipes out most of the bacteria causing the foul smell and it cleans the area well in the process. The other symptoms, like the burning and the itchiness, will also mostly subside right away, unless you have a really bad case. In this case, you may have to wait a day or two for all the itchiness to go away.

There’s a little bit of disagreement in my family about whether or not you need to douche for several days with a hydrogen peroxide douche to really cure BV or if you only need to do it once more. Personally, I just do it one more time three or four days later. This kills off any of the residual BV bacteria remaining in the vagina. However, my sisters insist that you need to repeat the douche with the hydrogen peroxide solution for at least five days straight. You may need to try it both ways to see what works best for you.

This is our hydrogen peroxide cure for BV. I hope it helps other women too!

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